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Parishioner Reflections:
Coping With the Isolation of COVID 19

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As a Registered Nurse I have never felt such a sense of vocation and mission as I have during this Covid 19 pandemic and have appreciated the support that people are offering to “essential workers.”  I realize that we are all essential workers when we fulfill the vocation that God has called us to with love and kindness.  I’ve been thinking of the words to a song that we sing in Church, “We are many parts, we are all one body, and the gifts we have we were given to share.”  We are all heroes as we continue to lift up, pray for, and encourage others at this time.       M.W.

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The Challenges and the Blessings of the Corona Virus –
Perhaps God is Talking to Us…


We all have become so acutely aware, and have felt in varying degrees, the devastation the corona virus has caused so many people in their personal and professional lives. But… it may also have brought a blessing, if we choose to receive it. It has challenged us to rethink our priorities. It has challenged us to think like children… no judgement, pure innocence, finding joy in the present, and in the simple things in life, and, it has revealed further insights into the two greatest commandments Jesus has given us…


"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul,
and with all thy mind"


"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."


It has brought a heightened compassion for those who are alone, sick, poor, and for those, due to religious persecution, may never experience the joy and fulfillment of openly expressing their faith and receiving the Eucharist.


We pray for God’s blessing to “come out on the other side” of this challenge closer to God and one another than when we entered it.    B.E.M.

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Personally, I have been a bit surprised by how much I miss the ritual of mass. Taking a step back has given me a new found awareness of what the weekly ritual means to me and just how much it anchors my week.  This all has been difficult...but when we get back to our new normal...I will be grateful that I had the chance to gain this awareness.  I've also been happy to explore all the online offerings, not just through Holy Name but from all over social media and the Internet.  Again, I am grateful for this awareness and grateful to have formed some new habits.           

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Thank you for asking me what we are doing this Lent. A friend wrote me at the beginning of this pandemic and said COVID stands for Christ Over Virus & Infectious Diseases!

Alleluia He is risen!                 B.R.W.

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In a strange way the coronavirus has had something of a positive impact in our lives in that the stay at home mandate has provided us with much more quiet time.  Some of this time we use for personal prayer and some of the time is spent connecting with the faith and spiritual opportunities that are available on the Holy Name Parish website.  We watch daily mass offered by Monsignor Zenz and are inspired by the messages he delivers.   We also watched Monsignor Zenz’ recent video vignettes as well as the Lenten Series on healing.

Overall I guess you could say we are making the best of bad situation.  We pray for an end to this pandemic and look forward to the time when we can get back together in person with our family and friends.                      C.D.H.

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We are finding ways to be together spiritually.  There are more “checking in” phone calls and texts. We facetime with family and exchange new recipes with friends.  I don’t want to minimize the struggles and hardships that so many face but I also see a new outpouring of love and generosity revealing how strong and committed we are.

It is easy to feel isolated when you don’t have family, friends and faith to count on but it’s important to remember that we are never alone when we pray.  We are always with God, the angels and communion of saints.  My mom always says that God is outside in nature.  As my family takes long walks together, we notice so much more than before.  What color tulips will pop in our neighbors’ yard?  Look at how green the grass is!  Nature doesn’t know there’s a pandemic.  We pass people saying, “be safe, take care, God bless you”.  I hope this new sense of community never changes.  My family realizes that this is a time to reflect, appreciate the simple things in life, get back to core values, slow down the pace, deepen our faith and pray.         E.M.

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Here are a few thoughts about how my family is coping with the isolation caused by this unprecedented time of pandemic...

Praying daily for and maintaining regular communication with our children who are frontline medical professionals;

Reaching out to family and friends, perhaps even more so than in the past, through phone conversations and technology such as FaceTime and Zoom

“Attending” live-streamed daily and Sunday Mass; Daily praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet through a virtual gathering of my prayer group in support of a close friend who is a hospital chaplain, for all medical professionals and for all affected by COVID-19; Sewing face masks for others; Reading and reflecting as we begin dinner each day.    D.N.

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